ISPL is committed to bridging the gap between street cricket and stadium glory, aiming to bring the raw energy and talent of street cricket onto the grand stage. The selection process involves handpicking players from each state across India, ensuring representation from every corner of the nation and thereby enhancing the value for stakeholders involved.


The ISPL - T10 league stands as a transformative initiative, strategically designed to unite and showcase the finest cricket talent. With a threefold mission of identification, development, and promotion, this league is set to become a catalyst for nurturing grassroots-level cricketers. Recognizing the challenges faced by talented players in gaining visibility and opportunities, ISPL - T10 is positioned to provide a well-organized and competitive platform. This structure not only benefits individual players but also elevates the overall standard of cricket in the region.

The league's forward-thinking approach is underscored by its commitment to building a platform for future cricket superstars. By investing in grassroots development, ISPL - T10 contributes not only to the immediate success of emerging players but also to the sustained growth and excellence of cricket.
In essence, the ISPL - T10 league emerges as a pivotal force in shaping the trajectory of cricket. It not only provides a structured pathway for emerging talents but also contributes significantly to the overall dynamism, competitiveness, and enthusiasm surrounding the sport at the grassroots level.


Empowering grassroots talent

At the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL), our mission is to redefine grassroots cricket by providing a robust platform for emerging talents. We aim to unearth raw potential across the nation, fostering a culture of inclusivity, fair play, and skill development. Through the ISPL, we aspire to be the catalyst for nurturing the future stars of Indian cricket.


Transformative force

Our vision is to create a dynamic and transformative cricketing ecosystem. The ISPL envisions a landscape where every aspiring cricketer, regardless of background or location, has the opportunity to showcase their talents on a national stage. We strive to be the driving force behind the evolution of cricket at the grassroots level, producing not just exceptional players but ambassadors of the sport who embody the spirit of dedication and sportsmanship. Revolution in Indian cricket with the Indian Street Premier League. 🏏⚡ #ISPL #CricketRevolution




A prominent Indian politician and cricket administrator affiliated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), currently serves as the Treasurer of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). In addition to his role in cricket administration, Shelar has been a Maharashtra Legislative Assembly member representing Vandre West since 2014. He is also the President of the Mumbai unit of the BJP and was elected Vice President of the Mumbai Cricket Association on June 17, 2015. Shelar is an alumnus of Parle College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in 1992. He furthered his education by completing a three-year law degree at G. J. Advani Law College, University of Mumbai. With a multifaceted background, Ashish Shelar stands as a dynamicand influential personality in Indian politics and cricket.



The current President of the Mumbai Cricket Association for the term 2022-2025, holds a concurrent role as a full-time member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). As a successful first-generation business owner, entrepreneur, industrialist, and angel investor, Amol Kale boasts over 15 years of experience in driving growth across diverse industries. His vision is rooted in creating new opportunities, leading initiatives in the service business sectors domestically and internationally. With a keen focus on people development, emerging technologies, innovative business processes, and strategic approaches, Kale has been instrumental in advancing overseas business ventures and India entry services. Amol Kale is a qualified engineer, having earned his Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Electrical Engineering in 1997 from Nagpur University. His dynamic leadership and diverse expertise position him as a forward-thinking and influential figure in both the cricketing and business realms.




Onboarded legendary Mr. Ravi Shastri to our team marks a significant milestone in our journey. As we embark on this exciting collaboration, his vast experience, unparalleled expertise, and charismatic persona will undoubtedly enrich our endeavors. Together, we look forward to achieving new heights, leveraging Mr. Shastri's invaluable contributions for an impactful and successful journey ahead."




A respected business leader, Suraj Samat has extensive experience in sports management and administration. He has been a Trustee of the Mumbai Cricket Association for over 14 years and has been serving as a governing council member since 2019. He is also an Apex Council Member of the Mumbai Cricket Association. He recently assumed charge as the League Commissioner of the India Street Premier League. He is also CEO and Managing Committee member of District Sports Club, BKC. A talented table-tennis player, he has won several interclub league titles and has represented Maharashtra at the national level. His experience as a sportsman gives him insights into the needs and challenges faced by sportspersons. His understanding of sports has helped him to be more empathetic in making policies and driving development initiatives. Suraj believes in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment that enhances the sports experience for all stakeholders. His experience as a corporate leader includes leadership positions in companies such as Patel Engineering Ltd. He is currently the Managing Director at the Oscorp Group of Companies and Proctech Solutions Pvt Ltd. He also has a stake in CCS Sports LLP. He is committed to make a difference to society and is a trustee of the Manav Aastha Foundation since 2008, organizing various community health and welfare programs.




Pravin Kalyan Amre is a former Indian cricketer who left an indelible mark on the cricketing world during his playing years from 1991 to 1999. In his international career, Amre showcased his prowess in 11 Test matches and 37 One Day Internationals (ODIs). Known for his contributions both as a player and a coach. he was appointed as the assistant coach of the Delhi Capitals, further solidifying his presence in the coaching realm.



Jatin Paranjpe, Known for his attractive middle-order batting, Paranjpe briefly showcased his cricketing prowess during his playing days. In his current role, Jatin Paranjpe serves as the CEO and Founder of Khelo More, India's sports learning and participation app. Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of being a member of the BCCI Cricket Advisory Committee, contributing to the strategic development and guidance of Indian cricket.


CCS Sports LLP is a pioneering sports management company committed to bringing innovative and inclusive sporting experiences to enthusiasts across the nation. The Indian Street Premier League is a testament to CCS Sports LLP’s dedication to nurturing grassroots talent and providing a platform for aspiring cricketers to shine.