ISPL is committed to bridging the gap between street cricket and stadium glory, aiming to bring the raw energy and talent of street cricket onto the grand stage. The selection process involves handpicking players from each state across India, ensuring representation from every corner of the nation and thereby enhancing the value for stakeholders involved.

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Our primary objective is to empower street players by providing them with unique opportunities. Additionally, we aim to advance the sport of tennis cricket by organizing it in a structured format. Through widespread participation on our platform, we strive to actively promote players, ultimately securing for them a professional stage to showcase their talent..

After successfully making it through the final trial, the player's base auction value commences at a minimum of 3 lakh rupees with no capping on max limit.

Mr. Pravin Amre and Mr. Jatin Paranjpe heads the selection committee, overseeing a team of selectors responsible for conducting city trials.

Upon being selected by the franchise and officially onboarded as a player, all expenses will be borne by the franchise owner. Until that point, it is the individual player's responsibility.

Yes, The winning team receives a prize of 1 crore, while the runner-up is awarded 50 lakhs.

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