ISPL is committed to bridging the gap between street cricket and stadium glory, aiming to bring the raw energy and talent of street cricket onto the grand stage. The selection process involves handpicking players from each state across India, ensuring representation from every corner of the nation and thereby enhancing the value for stakeholders involved.

ISPL: Saif Ali Khan Opens Up on His Connection With Kolkata, Abhishek Bachchan Shares Excitement

25 February, 2024

During a press conference, Saif Ali Khan said, "I am excited about this. It is a great way to correct the technique from bottom to top. My father used to say that learning to catch a tennis ball is the right way, because when "Until you learn how to catch this ball properly, the ball will bounce out of your hand. It all starts with a tennis ball. Saif Ali Khan mentioned that he has a strong connection to Calcutta because his mother and half of his family are from there, and the other half are involved in cricket. He feels like part of the team and believes he's a suitable brand ambassador for IPL. He's looking forward to supporting his team in their first match on March 6. Abhishek Bachchan shared his excitement about the tournament, stating they got the team they wanted. He believes the successful auction is a positive start for ISPL and a good sign for the future. 

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